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Two-Man League


  • The Tri County Golf Club Two-Man League is played on every Monday.
  • The cost is $5.00 each time plus cart and green fee’s.
  • You can play your match anytime on Monday or tee off before noon on Tuesdays to be eligble or skins, otherwise your match must be played before the following Monday.
  • High handicappers or older gentlemen may elect to play the season from the yellow tee’s (yellow tee players will not be eligble for skins once there handicap is below 2 for 9 holes).
  • **New forfeit rule will be as follows:  The team that shows will get 1/2 the points (instead of receiving all of the points as in the past years) and the other team will receive zero points.
  • The first Monday you must pay for that Monday and the last 5 matches for a total of $25.00 which is non-refundable to teams that elect to drop out before the League is finished.
  • You are allowed one sub per team per match. **New rule on use of subs – you may use subs whenever need be, but when playing against the leading top three teams it will be automatic that the leaders will get 1/2 the points or more if they win the match.
  • All Mondays that fall on a holiday, the league match will be played on Tuesdays.


If you are interested in signing up or need more information about the Two-Man League, please call


We look forward to another fun season!!

Click here to fill out a 2 Man League sign up form.